I am born in 1987 and raised a little outside the Danish city Aarhus and found in an early age an interest in playing the piano and singing.


At the university I started to be seriously interested in rhythmical choir and vocal music and in 2011 I started my first choir, KaserneKoret, together with a friend from my study.


In the following years I have been a conductor for several choirs and vocal groups both in evening schools, in study projects and as an entrepreneur.


I am fascinated by the sound of voices and the magic that happens when voices come together in wide, close, sharp and soft harmonies as well as in the touching simplicity of unison.


Besides being a choir conductor I love writing vocal arrangements. It’s a fantastic universe where I can dig into details and create something new out of an already existing song. To hear my arrangement being brought to live by a choir gives me great joy.


From 2016-2018 I lived in The Netherlands where I worked as a choir conductor in different choir constellations and as a vocal arranger as well.


The interest for music and vocal music has led to a bachelor degree in Musicology at Aarhus University (2012) and a master degree in Rhythmical Choir Conducting at The Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg (2016) plus several solo classes, courses, workshops, coaching and festivals.